For the past twenty years, producing live action, editorial and visual effects for projects ranging from commercials to television advertising & promotion, web films to network brand campaigns, music videos to PSA’s has given me a balanced perspective. Producing across these three platforms allows me to continue expanding and successfully integrating knowledge from production through post.

I love working with people… collaborating, negotiating, problem solving and building a team. My aim is to approach each job with the best resources, a positive demeanor and a meticulous hand on the budget. As I see it, a producer resides in the center of a project, hands stretched forward in all directions. Think outside of the box, find a solution, empower the team… and everyone arrives at the destination together. This is my goal on every job.

The principle is best reflected in my company Satya “Satya” in Sanskritin Sanskrit meaning the quality of goodness, sincerity and veracity; wishing to fulfill one’s promise, keep one’s word and speak the truth.